A downloadable Defence for Windows

Click-Hold on snow tiles inside circle range to pack them into snowballs
Mouse inside reach-range - pack snow tiles or select snowball to push
Mouse outside reach-range - move or throw a snowball (leftClick)
Scroll - zoom
Press Scroll button - reset to 2X zoom
V - set reach-range to 40 (2X norm)
B - set reach-range to 20 (default)
G - spawn huge snowballs used as walls
P - take picture (used for last minute photos for this post)
Space - start spawning enemies

press left mouse button on snow tiles to pack snowballs, either click on the snowball to begin pushing it into a larger snowball or run into it to keep it for throwing at enemies.
roll snow and build an awesome snow fort, one room please.
Or just use G, ya... . . . . . .
Once your fort is built press space to begin the enemy invasion.

This is my first Ludum Dare challenge (37th Ludum Dare). It's a good alpha, but it's not really a game. I procrastinated the sound and image but I can update some stuffs later once I get sleep, SWEET SLEEP.

Basically you build a snow fort with the snow tilegrid on the ground by selecting and holding down the left mouse button on a snow tile and creating snowballs. You can roll snowballs to make denser snowballs or pick them up for ammo.

I didn't get around to enemies until the final hour of the challenge so they just follow the player and take 1 hit to die. Snowballs are a little buggy and don't always collide with enemies because of how fast they are going, will fix this with sleep+time.

//Ideal game//
enemies have a* pathfinding, but can also brute force into fort;
enemies + player look cooler or textured instead of using SVG;
more player upgrades + options;
waves + menu and normal game stuffs;
music + soundFX;

made in Processing 3 with JBox2d (and hopefully a* path-finding with an update)

Install instructions

Thank you for trying my Ludum Dare!

Unzip this folder and run the .exe file.


Snow_Fort_Defence_Windows32.zip 4 MB
Snow_Fort_Defence_Windows64.zip 4 MB
Source.zip 219 MB

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